Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr. Baseball's (TOP SECRET) Spy Birthday

Last month a super secret organization held a super secret meeting of super secret spies in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Texas Pan handle...

We don't know much about the gathering, but a team of crack detectives has assembled some evidence, including the results of some photo recon by an inside man:

This is our mole...code name: The Monkey...

And here is our target...a super secret spy code named Mr. Baseball, who allegedly organized the meeting of super secret spies...

The location of the meeting was discretely labeled with this sign, and all super secret spies in attendance had to use the password "Mango" to gain entrance.

We believe the FIA may be funding the organization.

The woman in the picture above may be French, or perhaps Russian, but regardless of her native country, she should, like all Femme Fetale, be considered armed and dangerous. her sidekick-n-arms is also known to slobber on unsuspecting victims, rendering them sopping wet and subdued.

As you can see from these photos, the meeting was highly organized, with each secret agent receiving gear, training, and secret information vital to maintaining an underground presence (magnifying glass, note book and pen, secret agent ID card, and one emergency-use-only explosive disguised as a Hershey Bar).

The spy's meeting included rigorous physical agility tests and sharp shooting practice, as well as a lesson in bomb diffusion.
All bombs were dismantled and though our mole tried to bring back a sample of the explosives, he was only able to recover a few blurry photos.

Our mole's most important finding was this explosive device--perhaps the FIAs secret weapon... cleverly disguised as a birthday cake, such a device could be smuggled into any number of unsuspecting holiday homes.

We don't know what these super secret spies were planning, or if they planned anything at all, but we do know they consumed excessive amounts of ice cream and cake, and left the premises in full disguise.

Luckily our mole was able to escape undetected by changing into this nondescript outfit and blending into the crowd of spies as they left.

If you see this super secret spy, please contact your local FBI (Franklin Bureau of Investigation).

And in other news...

In addition to the Spy party on Saturday the 25th, we had a small family celebration on the night of Mr. Baseball's actual birthday.

We got him a new baseball glove and a Nerf bow 'n arrow.We also came to school and ate lunch with the birthday boy. The monkey really likes to feel big and eat in the cafeteria, and Mr. Baseball really likes visitors.

Happy Birthday Mr. Baseball. You're seven. I can't believe it. He is now older than the QBs youngest sister was when the QB and I met back in 2001. I am officially flabbergasted at how fast time flies, how old we are all getting, and how quickly life rolls forward whether you stop to take a few photos or not.

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DeAnn said...

Great job on the birthday party, thanks for sharing the super secrets. HUGS / Grandma