Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas with the Fam

The QB's family drove down from Utah to spend Christmas with us--our first Christmas as "hosts." They brought their dog Riley to play with Copper and besides getting stuck behind three hours of stand-still traffic in New Mexico because of an accident involving a propane truck (a detour that forced them to stay overnight in Albuquerque) they made it to Lubbock safely. While they were here we visited the National Ranching Heritage Museum where learned about the history of some of the big Ranches in West Texas and got to see this cattle train up close.
This was the day before the snow was getting cold, but none of us expected the storm we got.

This year, instead of Ginger Bread Houses, we made a Ginger Bread train. Nana and Mr. Baseball worked on the Engine while the QB and the Monkey did the caboose. Aubs and I did the lumber car and the coal car, respectively.

Guess which two here were more interested in eating candy than in decorating the trains.
This shot of Copper courtesy Papa.
In addition to the TeePee they made for the boys (pictures forthcoming), Nana and Papa also made them matching pj pants for Christmas eve--cowboy print, of course.
Thanks for the fun everybody!

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