Sunday, January 3, 2010

And I thought Oregon weather was crazy.

This is our boys playing outside the weekend before Christmas. Notice the short sleeved shirts. Notice the sunshine (...notice my attempts at the photographic trick called "panning")

This is the Lubbock we've come to know and love--75 degree days in December. Doors and windows open at 5pm to let the afternoon breeze in. Crisp, but pleasant dog walks in the mornings and a few "innings" of baseball in the backyard after work.

The swing set is the Monkey's personal favorite, but he'd rather ride on his belly than his bottom.

And this is on Christmas Eve. Just a few days after the shots taken above. Six inches of snow overnight, 9 inch drifts, and virtually no snow removal in Lubbock meant we were as good as snowed in. We built a snow cave and had a snow ball fight with the biggest snow balls ever.

The Monkey still knew what to do with the swing set...

The snow stuck around to make Christmas "White," and the roads awful. There is still a little on the ground, though we're hoping it will be gone by the end of the week.

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