Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy,

I like you so much that I wish I could give you a big bar of chocolate for Father's day! (Mr. Baseball)

Thank you for Daddy. Daddy plays with me. Wrestles me. He take me to the baseball field. (Monkey)

I like that Dad plays baseball with me! (both!)


Mr. Baseball and Monkey

A Little Interview About Dad:
(mostly answers from Mr. Baseball with a few from the Monkey thrown in)

How old is Daddy?
100 years old

Where was Daddy Born?
Las Vegas (Mr. Monkey said in the water!)

What's Daddy Favorite Food?
Lemon juice

What does Daddy like to do?
Play baseball

What's Daddy job?
To play with me - Monkey
To work at Ohio University- Mr. Baseball

Does Daddy like sports?
I love Baseball with him- MB

What's his favorite?
Basketball -Mr. Baseball
He love football -Monkey

What does Daddy do around the house?
He cleans the house.

What time does Daddy go to bed?
Really late- MB
In the dark time- Mon.

Thanks for being the best Dad ever! Happy Father's Day. And to Papa and Grandpa, we love you both. Lets play soon!