Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ask and ye shall receive

So a few weeks ago we found a nearly brand new washer and dryer for sale on Craig's List for $200. The deal seemed sweet, but the owner lived more than an hour a way, and though I called the owners and made an appointment to drive out to see them, and even made arrangements to borrow a truck to make the trip, I decided last minute not to go because something just didn't feel right about going all the way out there (I'm learning to pay better attention to that little voice inside when it speaks). Instead the QB and I decided we would just wait a few weeks until we got closer to our actual move date and see if any opportunities would present themselves.

We've kept our eye on Craig's List for weeks, gone to a few garage sales and even gone to Lowe's and Sears, but weren't satisfied. Then last week some friends said they had a decent set that they would sell to us on the cheap. But a few days later they told us the dryer had gone out, which meant we 'd keep looking. Then today, the missionaries called to tell us they were helping someone move who had a washer and dryer they were getting rid of for free. I borrowed a truck and picked them up this afternoon. Whoo hoo! Once again, God came through for us. It's been one of those summers, and we are thankful. In the past year I figure we've spent nearly $500 on laundry. I'm looking forward to this next year and the trips to the laundry mat I won't have to make.

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Sarah said...

sweet! you go, bargain shoppers! And $500? seriously? ouch.