Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad Breakfast idea #234: Protein Cheerio Shake.

I got out of the shower this morning at 8:40. I teach at 9:10. Granted I only live three minutes from my building, but I still had to get dressed, help a bit with the kids, get some breakfast, finalize a few things for my lesson plan, and get out the door--In short, I was feeling a little rushed. I got dressed and poured myself a bowl of Cheerios, but as I reached in the fridge for the milk I remembered that I was scheduled to donate plasma at noon and realized that cereal probably wouldn't be enough to keep me coherent during the donation process. So I set the cereal down and pulled out the chocolate protein powder. After whipping up a glass of 100% whey protein chocolaty goodness I took another look at the bowl of still-dry cheerios on the counter. I looked at the protein shake in my hand, and back at the cheerios, and then at the milk jug on the counter, and without giving it another thought, poured the protein shake over the cheerios. It really wasn't that bad--just kind of thick, and well, everything tasted a bit like sawdust. I wouldn't recommend it. What did you have for breakfast?

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mayday said...

I had toast with jam. Yours sound sooo much better! Hehe.