Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And a few pictures...

A bunch of smart cookies eating ice cream at Smart Cookie in Provo. The best ice cream deal in town. Two amazing cookies of your choice with Dryers ice cream in the middle. Pa couldn't come so we got some cookies to go for him to have later.

Amy really wants to go back out into the mission field.

The Monkey got his first Book of Mormon for Easter.

Mr. Baseball with the April fools "Cupcakes" and "sushi." He was so excited to eat frosted cupcakes for dinner. He did eat the meatloaf willingly, but his heart wasn't in it. Good thing we had the rice crispy treats.
A close-up of our fine meal.

It's been really sunny the past few days and on Monday and today, Mr. Baseball and the Monkey and I have spent a long time on the swings.

The Monkey never wants to get off. Even if he's looking a little dizzy and I try to take him out to give him a break, he arches his back and fusses and lets me know that he wants to stay right where he is.

After our chocolate cake feast with the Petersons last Sunday the Monkey was so messy that there wasn't much to do except undress him in the bathroom sink and put him in the bath. Imagine if we'd given him an entire piece.

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mayday said...

What a fun trip! I love the picture with your sisters head in the bag.