Monday, January 7, 2008

New Years at the Lubecks

New Year's eve we took a quick trip to Roanoke, VA to visit Queen Bee's friend from college, er high school, er middle school and elementary school and preschool! The Lubecks graciously hosted us for a few days of playing and eating good food (and way too much candy!) Their new baby is absolutely adorable and playing Puerto Rico was really fun!

The pictures are from our New Year's day hike, fun but also a good lesson in preparation. Inside Roanoke it was pretty warm winter day but and hour outside in the mountains it was not a warm winter day. It was a cold winter day and the coats, hats and gloves for the most part were left behind. We saw a few snow flakes on the way there but decided we would still go for it. The kids were warm enough and the parents were hardy enough to try it out. The hike was beautiful and Mr. Baseball dashed in and out of rock coverings and anywhere else he could 'hide' from us. Jon helped out with roaring and scaring at the appropriate times, much to Mr. Baseball's delight! We turned around before the waterfall grateful to be closer to the car when the snow really started falling and the temperature dropped even more. Brrr! The hot chocolate stop on the way back was a necessity. (And as a Way-off-topic note, I think that's the first time ever in the my life that I spelled necessity right on the first try! Twice in a row now, aren't you proud mom?)

We wound our way home (literally! West Virginia isn't kidding about their turnpike!) on Thursday with a cute bag of homemade apple treats (dried apples, apple cranberry sauce and fruit leather, YUM) and a few stow-a-way pieces of Lubeck laundry. A great way to start 2008!

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Alex said...

These pictures are great. Can you send them to us? I noticed your google ad-hope it's working for you. Do you want me to check your blog five times a day?