Friday, January 25, 2008

It's 3:24 AM, do you know where your children are?

It's 3:24 am and the monkey and I have been up for quite a while. Well, actually, I haven't been to bed yet (I've been trying to fold laundry, work on taxes, and watch the 5th Harry Potter DVD that I borrowed from our neighbor). The Monkey has a slight fever and has decided to make the most of it by not going back to sleep. He is currently in his highchair beside me, making all kinds of smacking, licking, gurgling noises, stuffing cheerios into his mouth, and trying to reach the computer in my lap. A few minutes ago he was choking on a sippy cup full of juice and before that he was pulling cereal boxes etc. out of the pantry. He's just now, as I type, gotten bored with eating the cheerios and has moved on to sweeping them off his tray onto the floor. I just let him down out of the chair, and he is "refolding" the piles of laundry all over the room.

There is laundry all over the living room because the two loads I just pulled out of the dryer at the complex coin laundry weren't dry all the way through, and I wasn't about to spend another 75 cents per load to finish the job so I folded what I could and draped the damp stuff over the furniture (It's our own fault though. Laundry is so expensive [2.50 per load to wash and dry] that we always overload the machines, which means the whole load rarely dries, and I'm sure the overloading causes the machines to break down more often, which is probably part of the reason for the high cost per load in the first place, but that is another story).

As for the QB and Mr. Baseball, they're in bed, though they've both been up recently--Mr. Baseball came out for a few seconds about 1:30am. I asked him what he needed and he said, "A daddy," so I carried him back to bed and laid next to him for a few minutes. the QB got up when the Monkey woke up. She came out holding him and they both had red cheeks and they were rubbing their eyes. QB went back to bed and me and the Monkey have been partying ever since.
Now he's trying to invert the pocket of a pair of pants that were nicely folded a half hour ago, but are now draped across his lap as he sits right o top of another pile of folded clothes. I've had to change his outfit once already because the juice choking incident made a mess, and he's wearing a pair of red footy pajamas with a fleece pair of pants over the top (extra layers because its about 5 degrees outside).

So that's where we're at tonight. Not frustrated, not even really tired, yet. QB is sleeping (I hope), so is Mr. Baseball. I'm avoiding working on the taxes with the help of this blog post, and the monkey is now trying to pull that pair of pants over the top of his head.

I hope your evening has been as entertaining.

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Sarah said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one up with my kids at night! It is strangely comforting to know there are others 'feeling my pain' so to speak. Am I pathetic or what? ;)