Monday, December 10, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, please oh please don't kill me (or my children)

We got our tree up last week—a free live tree from a friend. In addition to worrying about Nolan pulling off and eating/breaking/losing all the ornaments, or spilling/drinking/playing in the water in the tree stand, or climbing up/pulling over/breaking down the tree, according to CNN we now have worry about lead in the vinyl wire covering on the lights (as if we weren’t already worried about the perfect storm of dry tree, cheap lights, and power surge). But for now everyone is safe, lead free, and not on fire, so it should be a merry Christmas.

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Sarah said...

wow! Apparently I'm out of the loop, I hadn't heard about that Lead in the lights yet. I will have to look into that! I am jealous about the live tree too!