Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Super Tar-mart!

Callan has been waiting and waiting for it to snow. He looks outside every morning to check and this morning he got his wish! It's after 1pm and it's been snowing all day. Check out the campus webcam. The trees around here had lost all their leaves; it was starting to feel pretty lone and dreary. But now the snow cheered things up! And since it cheered me up here's some things I'm grateful for that I didn't mention during the recent Gratitude-day.

- A live tree! A gift from some friends.

- A tree that's still alive! And not torched after we accidentally left the lights on all night

- Coconut Soup. It's delicious.

- Coconut Soup with Lemon Red Curry Chicken on the side. WAY delicious.

- Little boys who smile and laugh all day

- Little boys who smile and laugh all day because they're getting so much sleep at night now

-Walmart. ugh. Yes, I can say that. I can do it and really mean it. And wait a sec, lest you think I've become a Walmart-o-phile I didn't say I LOVE it, I said I'm grateful for it. Grateful that it's 5 minutes away and that I can actually buy things I need there. White Paper for instance that didn't cost me $4.50 for a half-ream. And cheap tree stands and clearance matching shirts for those smilers and laughers. And just one tiny little request now for Walmart. Would you please magically change into a Target? I would be so much more grateful for you! Maybe Santa could help you out, or the Genie? Or maybe in the very least you could change into the first Super Tar-mart! Thank-you kindly Walmart. Much appreciated. You can stay Walmart in all those places where people can choose where to shop.



Sarah said...

This is the cutest post. I just got a kick out of Super Tar-Mart - The always creative Miss Melissa. So glad to hear the snow is falling, boys are sleeping in and everything is SUPER-DUPER! I miss you and family. Come to Portland soon!!! Sarah C.

mayday said...

Ahh, so true. I too am grateful for Wal-Mart, though I hate it. I would love for you to get a Target! Why does everyone love Target? I don't know why, but I do!

Alyssa said...

Want to send along the recipe for coconut soup? Never had it, but it actually sounds good!

--Alyssa Uffenorde

Sarah said...

That TarMart symbol is TOO funny! I am definitely with you there - unfortunately here in SLC WalMart is about 5-10 min away and the nearest Target is about 40 min! :( I don't make it out there nearly as often as Wally World and I am constantly wishing Target was the closer one! :)