Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Going Camping is Fun to do, Fun to do, to do, to do

Fun things to do when camping:

Sleep in a tent

wake up with your hair on top of your head

Make a plan to steal your cousin's toys when he's smiling for the camera


Play Chubby Bunny!

Cousins are fun to camp out with, especially when it's most of the Montgomery cousins! (Melissa's Mom's side). It used to be the "no one over 30" crowd, but now that we have some among us nearing the top of the hill, it's just "cousins".
Thanks everybody, it was fun!

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mayday said...

So you made it camping again with no sight of bears. I am relieved. I have never heard of chubby bunny but it looks like it would make me throw up.