Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Come and Get It!

Well, don't really come because it's all gone now! But this is what our front lawn looked like at 6:30 last Friday (minus a few couches). It's an odd feeling to have most of your stuff out on the lawn with price tags on it, just waiting for someone else to cart it off to their own house. I suppose I would rather willingly detach myself from some of my materials possessions than endure a fire that destroys all of them.
It was fun to sell brownies and popsicles on Saturday, although we ate far too many ourselves. I'm grateful it's overwith though! It was physically and emotionally exhausting to get rid of that much stuff.

The night before the sale we put our "watchdog" out to keep an eye or a bark on the stuff. She did a great job! No stuff stolen and no barking... The sad part is that she needs to find a new home, no room for her in the Ohio apartment. She will be missed!


~cari~ said...

We are REALLY going to miss you guys!!!!

I've been thinking of doing the same thing (not moving but selling all our stuff). I want to start fresh and new. I'm seriously tired of all our crap! I'm thinking of having a garage sell then renting a dumpster to get rid of all the junk. We have junk that even D.I. wouldn't want! I just need to get the energy to go through everything!

jake roi said...

Ditto to what Cari said. You'll be missed. We hope you find your way back to Utah at some point in the future.

What are you doing for furniture until you leave? Putting a new mat at the door which reads "Welcome to new Sparta"?

Alex said...

That is impressive that you were able to get rid of all that. You guys had some cool stuff. Too bad we aren't closer, otherwise we'd have taken some of it off your hands for you.

I know everyone else is sad that you're moving but we're excited because we'll actually get to see you once in a while. Hooray!

mayday said...

Number one, do you still have those bike trailers? Number two, what are you doing with your pup?

Melissa said...

For those wondering, we are sad to say that Shelby is still in need of a home. I kind of don't like to think about it but at the same time I keep asking people if they want to take her!
And Mayday, the bike trailers both sold pronto. So sorry :(