Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easter Ties and Easter Eggs

 Melissa bought us all Easter ties again this year, and the boys (I think for the first time ever, they were all really happy to get them, though Nolan and Ian have already broken their clip ons).

 On Easter Sunday we had dinner with my sister Krysti and her husband Ross and a bunch of their kids (they have 13 + some in-laws). The events included a brief devotional in which a few cousins  took turns giving part of the message about the meaning of Easter and then we watched brief video (#becauseofhim) and then an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids from Ian (4) to my twin nieces who are both 16.  There were 180 eggs, if I remember correctly--enough for twenty each.
Nolan was the first one finished!  It wasn't a race, but, of course, it was (you know how it is).

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