Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring means Baseball!

Spring is here and that means Baseball, baseball, baseball! Mr. Baseball has a practice or two each week and two games as well. He's playing center field, short stop, second base, and occasionally pitcher and really enjoying himself. He's busy though. Some days he goes from Piano to baseball, or from Baseball to Scouts, and this past Saturday we got home from a campout at 11:50am and got changed and over to the park by 12:30pm for a 1pm game.

In other news, I'm a few paragraphs and a critical introduction away from completing my dissertation, the QB has picked up some doula clients that are keeping her busy, the boys have started a "commission" program that is allowing them to earn some money that they can save, spend, and give ( a la Dave Ramsey's advice), and we're contemplating the long hot summer with fear and trepidation (and popsicles). Here's a photo dump. Hope you are doing well!

Super fans taking some practice swings behind the bleachers.

At home, Ian often follows the QB and/or I around with a ball, a bat, and a glove and says, "pitch me, pitch me, pitch me," until we give in and throw him a few balls.  Sometimes he says "Be catcher, be catcher," and he'll squat down with the glove in front of his face, ready to go.
Mr. baseball has  been doing lots of very nice "big brother," things for his youngest brother.  Yesterday at stake conference for Church he sat with Ian for about thirty minutes and looked at books with him.  The little one kept patting Mr. Baseball's back and saying, "Pat Brother, pat Brother." It was pretty cute.  Now if we could just get a little more of that between The Monkey and Mr. Baseball, we would be getting some where.  Their current favorite thing to do is fight about Legos.

We're all doing well.  Lots to tell, but little time to write.

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