Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Better

For a while I was a pretty frequent blogger. But lately, not very much. I am going to do better. Oh yes!

The Student has been doing a lot of that lately, studenting, or studying if you want to get technical. His Comprehensive Exam is next month, and he's less nervous than I expected. Also, he's teaching two sections of Intro to Fiction at Tech, two classes for BYU-Idaho online, compiling all the necessary things to apply to jobs (CV, Vita, Letters of recommendations, etc.)*, planning out the rest of his dissertation, managing to stay on top of things for the Elders Quorum at church and still trying to be a great husband and father.

Yeah, he's kind of busy. But most nights we eat dinner together and lots of nights he still puts kiddos to bed. Which of course involves reading Peter Pan, I'm not sure who is liking it more! Sometimes he moonlights as a kitchen fairy. Can I call my husband a fairy? But the kitchen is magically clean when I get up some days, and I SO appreciate it.

I am taking a break from doula and Childbirth Ed work while I regroup and figure things out. I had a rough couple of weeks, some things I'm trying to move forward from. I want to get back into it, but right now I still have a bit of a dirty taste in my mouth. Sad, but true. It will get better at some point and I'm sure I'll feel more excited about it like I did earlier this year. Yes, I will!

Mostly I try to keep track of the boys, running them here there and everywhere and keep the house somewhat organized and picked up. I try to squeeze in some organ practice for my calling at church (which still pretty much terrifies me every week) and cook healthy dinners, remember picture day, show and tell day, keep the clothes clean, and all that other mom stuff I'm supposed to do. But sometimes we eat the same food three meals in a row and children (or I!) pull things out to the dirty laundry to wear and I step over and ignore the pile in my room. Just in case anybody wondered if I had it all together. I don't :)

Mr. Baseball turned 8 recently and his Baptism is coming up this Saturday! He's excited and ready, I think knows way more about the gospel than I did when I was 8! He came out of his interview with the Bishop today smiling, so I think he's all set. We recently finished ready the Book of Mormon as a family because reading it all together before he turned 8 was our goal. When we started he struggled through 1 verse. And now he plows through a column at a time, we even have to tell him when it's another person's turn to read. The change in him is amazing!

He reads about everything he can get his hands on but especially love Boxcar Children, loves his new bike and practices the piano every day willingly even if he doesn't really want to. (Good boy! I'm absolutely convinced he'll thank me one day) He's gotten be to very helpful around the house and doesn't beg to watch TV or play Wii. whew!

I often find myself thinking, how did he get so big and grown up. When he pours his own bowl of cereal, eats it and clears off his dish I start to think, wow he hardly needs me anymore. But I know he still does and will for a long time, and I'm happy to oblige. He's a fun kid. And he even taught me how to throw a football on Thursday. I have a feeling it's one of many, many things he'll teach me.
The Monkey's life has changed a lot this fall. Preschool has started on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which means some adjusting to getting ready in the morning without a long time to play. Some days I hear about a brand new knee injury that "just started hurting!" or how he'll never get to play Legos again if he stops right now, but I know he really loves preschool so I just ignore it and help him get ready with lots of hugs and send him off. He comes home singing cute little songs he's learned and telling me about all the things he got to do and play and who he played with. I'm glad all-day kindergarten isn't until next year!

The Monkey started soccer this fall too. We've had to deal with some of the same excuses when it comes to practice and games, but when he actually gets out there on the field he smiles and runs and kicks and smiles a lot more. He's made a few goals at his games, but mostly I'm happy he's having fun, even if I ask him about it he might insist that he's not! It's too much running, he says. Yeah, I think you're right Monkey, boy, but I know deep inside under the whining you like it!

Today he did a magic trick for me with 2 cards. It was hilarious and very cute at the same time, he was so proud of himself. The Monkey always makes us laugh.

Little Bruiser
isn't so bruising these days. Although I get comments from strangers all the time, "How old is he? He is big!" Yes, he's still a big boy, but thinning out a little around the middle. His little thighs are still chubby though, squeezeably chubby! And I'm so glad because then I think he's still a baby.

He's gotten a little more picky with his food lately, throwing it and the dishes even farther than he used to. He's definitely more insistent about the things he wants and doesn't want. Which is cute and trying at the same time. I remember this phase with the older two and thinking how hard it is when your sweet little angel starts have their own will and opinion about everything. I just want to enjoy all his sweet baby-ness before the Terrible Two (and Three) Monster gobbles him up! I know from experience he'll still be adorable, but the sweet, sweet baby part will be gone.

Today he was saying "Run!" with his hands up as he ran back and forth between the living room and family room. He loves football. Apparently more than other balls and sports (uh oh, we're in trouble) because he always chooses a football over the other balls available in the house. And when there is a football at the park that he can't have because it's not ours, he kind-of flips out. Today we had to leave the small white plastic Ohio University one in the car when we went into church today and you would have thought I just told him he could never eat ice cream again in his life. Oh the boy loves footballs.

As a family we're enjoying bike rides in the neighborhood, playing games together on Sundays, sometimes Life or Monopoly but lots of Carcasonne lately. Eating together for dinner at night and enjoying new treats like Lemon Crinkle Cookies. I love my family. I should blog about them more. 'Cause they're a pretty neat bunch.

PS. In case you're wondering about Copper, he loves his new food which is mostly beef now instead corn, he can't stand to be left behind when we go for a walk or bike ride (he usually gets to come!) and he waits patiently near Little Bruisers high chair for little treats to rain down. Yep, that about sums up his little doggie life right now.

* We've decided applying to "real" jobs is the best thing for him to do right now, and if nothing comes of it, we can still stick around here for another year. We'll be sad to leave, but a "real" job sounds so appealing, doesn't it :) Not that a "real" job will solve all of our problems, but it just feels like the right thing to do right now.


Julie said...

So glad to read your post Melissa. Hope things improve for you. I remember that feeling when Zan finished school and how happy I was for his job. Your boys are darling! They do grow SO FAST, don't they?

Lauren and Trevor said...

It's so great to read your update on your family. We sure love your family and miss you all! Good luck with the application process - I must agree that a real job does sound appealing:)