Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall on the South plains

We're still hanging around here in Lubbock, despite what our lack of blog-tivity might suggest. It's finally cooling off here and we've been taking advantage of it as much as possible.

The Little Bruiser likes to play in the dirt.
Our big meal before school started.
Mr. Baseball is in second grade now!
And the monkey has started pre-school!

We went to a little balloon festival at the SW end of town. It was actually raining that morning for the first time in forever and a lot of the balloon teams weren't sure if they were going to take off. The funny thing was, I've been going to balloon festivals in Oregon for years, so the wet and the rain felt just like it should.
The Little Bruiser liked to point...

We had to wait about an hour for the weather to clear, but eventually, most of the balloons took off.

We've talked occasionally about getting into ballooning. but we asked one team about start up costs and I think the figure they gave us was $35,000. So...maybe someday...

The Little Monkey also started soccer..."The Little Texans"
The monkey scored a goal during his first game, but he's really hit his stride on defense. He's gotten quite good at clearing out the ball. He talked about wanting to play soccer for months, but now that he's going, he occasionally has a hard time getting up the energy for "all that running," as he says.

We all went to the first game and didn't even think about sunscreen and at bath time that night they all looked like lobsters.

High fives all around at the end of the game.

We hope you are all enjoying the fall wherever you are. We hope you've got pumpkins on the porch, and leaves on the ground and sweat shirts by the door.

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