Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He's ALIVE!!!!! er... well we knew that...He WALKS!

The Little Bruiser has been teasing us with half steps over the past few weeks, but this week he finally let loose and really walked. All it took was the tempting offer of half a Swedish fish dangling in front of him.

Walking is a big deal around here for us since he weighs nearly 30 pounds and we are all getting a little worn out carrying him around.

Next up, Mr. Baseball learns to least we've got a few years to prepare for that!


Cristi said...

Hooray for Ian! Hooray for Ian! Too bad he didn't think of it a week or two sooner, but good that he waited to do it it first in front of his dad and brothers. :-)

Julie said...

Man, I'd do anything you dangle enough Swedish fish in front of my face--okay, well, maybe not anything, but most things. Congrats on not having to carry him around any more.

SLReid said...

Yay!!!! Oh my gosh he is soooooooo cute! Thank you for posting the video of him walking! I LOVED IT!!!

Love to you all--

Alex said...

i walk (or run) for swedish fish too!