Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Bruiser Turns 1

First ride on the car!

Free hats and balloons at Toys R Us!

Still loves the car most of the time

Following mom around the kitchen (soon to be remodeled, isn't the primer lovely!?)

Loves the bath!

How'd he get so big so fast!? We're sure enjoying Little Bruiser tagging along in our family.
His first word was dog (dahg dahg) and now he likes to say Hi, Nur (nurse for breastfeeding), Uh-Dah for Daddy. He doesn't say mama much, but he sure wants to see me all the time!

He seems pretty content with crawling and pulling up when he needs to, so who knows when he'll decide to walk! This fits perfectly with his go-with-the-flow personality.

He'll eat just about anything we give him, hence the Little Bruiser nick name. Around the house he's usually known as Chubby or Chubster, although he is thinning out just a bit. For instance, we can see his neck very clearly now! And when he takes a bath his belly doesn't hang down on all sides. But he's still the heftiest kid so far, weighing in at 25 lbs. Whoa!

We had kind of a crazy day for his birthday, but I was able to take him to play at the Mall and to Toys-R-Us and snapped pictures all along the way. He loved the dogs at the pet store in the mall and especially liked the balloons they gave him at Toys R Us.

We love his infectious giggle and cocked eyebrow he flashes sometimes! He's sure cute and fun to have around.


Emily said...

I loved reading this and seeing these pictures of Bruiser. He is adorable, and it makes me miss you very much. Today we became a ward!

Happy Birthday Bruiser!


Julie said...

Sounds like such a happy little guy, and really, when I think about it, why wouldn't he be? He only has the best parents this world has to offer.

Happy birthday to him (even though I'm a couple weeks late at this point).