Monday, August 2, 2010

Post Script to New Carpet


...I've been thinking lately that just having a roof over our heads makes us in better shape than a whole lot of people in the world, and that it seems ridiculous to let a little dust and dead skin cells get to me, and that a certain amount of ingratitude, or a sense of entitlement or delusion hides behind such feelings. And yet, I'm really excited about the sheer cleanliness of the new carpet. I know what's underneath it, because I swept and mopped it all (well, I or the QB, but you get the idea). And I feel happier, more comfortable, more at peace in a home that feels inviting and new.

Hmmm...liberal guilt is a befuddling phenomenon. Can't feel excited about anything without also feeling a little guilty.

I guess that's better than the mindset of the guy I saw the other day driving a truck with a bumper sticker that said, "I love my carbon footprint."

And that is, sadly, the most common remedy for liberal guilt: a mantra that says, more or less: "At least I'm not THAT bad."

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