Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bartering for carpet

We need carpet. Badly.

Must have money to buy carpet.

Must have job to get money.

no job, no money; no money, no carpet.

maybe. maybe not.

Today I stopped in at two carpet stores and offered my labor (professional, manual, or otherwise) in exchange for all or some of the cost of new carpet. I half expected the managers I spoke with to laugh me out the door, or at least tell me, "no, sorry, we can't do anything like that," but instead both men I talked to thought it might be a great idea. Neither said it was a sure thing, but they both did say they would talk it over with their respective management teams/owners and "see what they could come up with."

So who knows...I may be lugging carpet rolls in a warehouse this summer, or maybe writing some advertising copy for a local carpet company, but if it means we can get some new carpet, then sign me up.

BTW, I technically do have a job (I'm a graduate instructor at Tech,) but with no summer work, we're having to get creative between now and September.

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Jon said...

What a good idea! We know the feeling - Jon doesn't start work until July 1st and we have LOTS of home repairs to do. So maybe we'll have to give it a try! Good luck, let us know what happens! :)