Thursday, April 8, 2010

More of the Little Chunker 7 weeks

About 7 weeks
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The new wool soaker I made out of an old sweater.
(Sewing project #1 for you Colette!)


Missionary Mom said...

Cute diaper cover - Great re-purposing idea.

R. B said...


Your baby is adorable, congratulations---what a passel full of boys you have now! This wool soaker as you put it is adorable! Where did you get the idea? How does it work, under it is there a cloth diaper lining or a water proof cover? Is it for warmth and cuteness, or does it also keep moisture from escaping? I found a neat website with really cheap homemade stuff, there are tons out there I am sure, but I ordered a WP bag that we use to put cloth tp in but you can use it for cloth diapers too, and no smell at all comes out, you wouldn't believe it, its awesome! Its called Wally Pop. Let me know if you'd like the link, but she also charges the lowest shipping rate she can, so my 10 dollar bag was like 12! I would love a link for your diaper cover if you found a pattern or instructions on line! :) Congrats again! What a cutie! We are moving to Minnesota soon, and are expecting. I told so many of my friends and family we were pregnant because of a late period which I was embarrassed of, but we didn't end up getting pregnant till six months later...which was a long wait for us. And Riley's Minnesota bar test is right at the due date! I am feeling so scared about it, but need to have faith...change and uncertainty can be hard. How is Texas? You all always seem up for the next adventure! Well, take care!
~Emily B.