Sunday, November 8, 2009

Future Posts

Now that we're all healthy (well, mostly) and things have settled down we have some major updating to do on the blog! I figure if I list them here, I'll feel more obligated to write about them and post pictures and I'll actually do it!

1. New house! Thanks to the Student the new bathroom floors and painted vanities look awesome! Presto-change-o, Carpet-B-gone!

2. Trip to Utah for a wedding and fun with family!

3. Sinus infection. Ok, no pictures of that. But that's my excuse for not posting anything the 10 or so days after the trip. They're awful anyway but on top of being pregnant it was pretty rough.

4. Update on homeschooling! Some days I can't believe we're actually homeschooling but other days I'm very grateful and we're having so much fun.

5. Birthdays: Mr. Baseball's was right before we moved and we never posted anything about it. The Monkey's is TODAY, and The Student's is on Tuesday. Lots of celebrating going on...

6. And my husband, who is laying here in bed next to me, wants me to tell you all how great he is! He's joking of course, but he really is great. My personal superhero :)

He cooks! He cleans! He fixes! He writes! To Infinity and Beyond!

7. Halloween!

8.The weather. I know, its a silly thing, a last resort conversation topic but it really different. It was still 71 degress outside at 7pm last night when we took the boys to play. And it's NOVEMBER! I knew it would be warmer here but it's just a little weird.

9. Mr. Baseball woke up with an abscessed tooth yesterday. Having any sort of medical or dental issue on Saturday should be outlawed.

10. Counting down to Baby Franklin's arrival in February. And he has nothing even close to resembling a name yet. When I was a kid I remember thinking I would let my kids pic their own name. I'd just call them Bubba or something until they were old enough to choose. Maybe I really should do that!


Dave said...

Happy Birthday, N-monkey!

Hello to all Franklins. I can't wait for that post about how Joey's so great. Ha!

Check out my blog if you want ( Trying to post everyday this month. Maybe we'll inspire each other!

Be well.

Alyssa said...

Well, I figure I'll have to refer to the baby as 'Bubba' no matter what you decide. Since you don't list your real names on here I'll probably never hear what it is :).

The Monkey's name is more popular now than it ever has been. Kind of similar names right around his popularity are Ivan, Micah, and Grant. Any of those strike a chord? I don't pretend to think I'm much help, but I sure enjoy looking.

Jon said...

so, did you find out #3 is a boy then, or are you just calling it a "he" by default? :)