Sunday, August 23, 2009

A few pictures....

Sunglasses, swords, and pajamas--three summer morning essentials at our house.

This is the chocolate chicken I won in the "chicken dance" contest at the Church party last week.
It's all about bobbing your head and picking up your feet.

Grandpa Franklin was a big hit with the boys. The only problem is that they may have exhausted his supply of Navy stories. He'll have to make up some new ones next time we see him.

The Monkey at a hotel pool in Illinois.

I think I was as tired as I look in this picture. Thanks for your help Grandpa.

Grandma single-handedly unpacked and organized our entire kitchen (and that was after she'd single-handedly packed up and cleaned out our kitchen in Ohio--and I'm sure she left feeling like she hadn't done enough. Silly. Thanks Grandma.

The monkey and his house.

This is why we call him the Monkey.

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