Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On the tarmac

Waiting for the captain to tell me to put my electronic devices away and just wanted to share some of the online reviews of the hotel I'm staying at in Lubbock.

From Trip Advisor:

"Possibly the worst place I have ever stayed. Football weekend in Lubbock
$169 per night for a dirty room that was in terrible shape. Found Roaches on the
walls. Sinks would not drain. Bed was bad. When we told the front desk of the
roach problem, they said that they already knew it.... My wife got up at 6AM
because she had enough. so we left....."

"A Friend booked this hotel because it was close to Texas Tech. The hotel
required us to book 2 nights. We barely made it thru one.The commode was broke
and had to be pulled up and a new ring had to be put underneath it. The handle
on the faucet broke off. When we asked for 1 night to be refunded. They refused.
Overpriced. Check around. Comfort suites better and cheaper."

"This hotel on their website represents itself as being refurbished and
because it was close to our son's school we booked it for two nights during a
recent stay. When we checked in and directed to our room I was disgusted and
went to pick up the phone to call the front desk, the phone wires had been cut
from the wall. There was a smoke dectector hanging from the celing with no
battery in it. The toilet was filthy with ground in rusted stains from being so
old, the bath tub had so many rusted stains in it also. My husband was desperate
to take a shower so he turned on the hot water and the water barely trickled
out, he turned it to cold and the water pressure increased slightly, however it
was freezing water. At that time I used my cell phone to call the manager up to
the room. I asked him about the website stating that their rooms had been
refurbished and he said that is only on the first floor, and when I asked to be
moved he said they had no other rooms left. He then fiddled with the taps on the
shower and asked "If we wanted a hot or cold shower"?I told him that we could
not stay there because the room was disgusting. He then replied that we would be
charged for two nights if we left. IWe had no choice but to leave because I
refused to even use the filthy toilet never mind sleep in the beds.Our credit
card was billed for the two nights and we paid for another hotel also. I think
that it is very wrong that a hotel can advertise this way and not

There were more and they were all like this. Now I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, and some of these reviews are a few years old, but one was from last November. The QB took a look at them and said, "Maybe I'm glad I'm not going."

I can't imagine them putting us up in a hole. Maybe they've remodeled.

We'll see. I'm off to Lubbock for campus visit.

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