Friday, September 12, 2008

What's that, up in the sky? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...Kindergarten Boy!

So Mr.Baseball has taken lately to striking these very funny poses in photographs, and the first two days of kindergarten weren't any different. This is one of four shots I took of him outside our back door just before we went to his school for orientation. This was the closest one to normal that I could get (of course, with Mr. Baseball, the other pictures were actually the "normal" pictures. The calm photos are the rare ones).

The maintenance man at the complex taught Mr.Baseball how to make this funny face using masking tape.

It was unseasonably cool on Mr. Baseball's first real day of school. He's going for about three hours every morning and is only one of a few kids in his class of 20+ students that's going half-day.

We're two weeks into the school schedule and its working out pretty well. We get up at 7am, get dressed, eat breakfast, half morning devotional, and I leave at 7:50am on my bike. Meanwhile Mr. Baseball brushes his teeth and then gets a little free time before the QB and the monkey walk him out to the corner to catch the bus with some other friends who live in the complex. The Monkey is enjoying the QB's undivided attention in the mornings, and all-in-all it's working out nicely.


Ma Fitz said...

I'm still wondering how my tiny first grandson is going to school? Doesn't compute. Who will change his diaper and burp him? What about little cat naps and snacks?

Okay, I give up. Congratulations, Mr. Baseball!

cari said...

He's so fun! What a big kid he is now!

Alyssa said...

Wow, I thought with a Sept. birthday he wouldn't be starting until next year. Does Ohio have a December cut-off? How fun to start new things!