Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween in Athens happens between 5:30pm and 6:30pm and everyone gets involved. Callan was a firefighter (thanks Nana and Papa), and I was the fire. The bugs in Melissa's hair were SO gross, and Nolan spent most of his time looking grumpy in his duck costume.

Callan and Nolan tried out their glowsticks in the car on the way home from trick-or-treating.

A few weeks ago we attended the OU Homecoming parade. Firetrucks, bands, floats! It was great. Notice the cool brick sidewalks that are all over campus.

The band really puts on a show, dancing almost as much as they play.

It was the first really cold morning, and once again, Nolan is scowling. We promise he smiles quite a bit more than it appears here.

Callan, Melissa, and Nolan went with several friends from church to a pumpkin patch. Callan, we've decided has corn husk hair.

Nolan and the pumpkins. Both got dirty, both rolled around a lot, and in the end, both were picked up off the ground and put in the car.

Nolan can "officially" walk, as long as someone is dangling a wallet, camera, or other interesting object in front of him, but mostly he cruises, one hand on a chair, or couch, or, in this case, a half buried rubber tire, and then he falls on his diaper cushioned bum.

The Baker Student Center at OU has six pool tables, a ping pong table, and a foosball table that anybody can use. About once a week Callan and I take the 5 minute walk to the Center to play. Callan's enthusiasm more than makes up for any deficit in skill.

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~cari~ said...

Wow! You are livin' the fun life in Ohio!