Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank-you Charlotte

On Saturday Joey and Callan read the last 30 or so pages of Charlotte's Web, just in time for us to watch the movie. A few weeks ago I realized we could start reading chapter books to Callan, since he listens so intently to stories. Charlotte's Web is our first, what a hit! After nearly ever chapter he would say , "Puleease, can we read some more?" or "Just one more chapter!" We read two short chapters a day and thought we could finish by Saturday, watch the movie in celebration and move on to the next book. Well, it didn't work quite that easy. Things were busy, Callan was tired, it was late. We had over 60 pages left to read on Friday afternoon. But Joey and Callan read and read Friday night, woke up Saturday and read some more. Joey especially liked the last line. "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both."
The movie was enjoyable and our first attempt at Read-Aloud was a success! Today we started with James and the Giant Peach; Callan could barely stand to go to bed after 5 (short!) chapters. It makes a mom and his literary dad happy!


Alex said...

Hooray! It is so fun to hear that Callan likes listening to chapter books. We hope that our little boy is just like him. I read a really good book about how important it is to read books outloud to your kids called "The Read Aloud Handbook." You guys should be the poster family for that book!

mayday said...

I have yet to read the book to Addie, but she loves the movie!